Our activities and interests


The Lamy Group’s “energy” activities have developed through the marketing of coal and then fuel oil.

The development of energy services in the tertiary and residential sectors provided new strategic impetus in the early 2000s.


The VIRIA company offers solutions for savings as well as for managing heating and air conditioning in the home and the tertiary sector.

The company provides continuous service in more than 2,500 co-owned properties in Normandy and operates several wood-fired heating networks, 50 buildings with solar heating and biogas cogeneration.

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Viria Home Solutions

VIRIA Home Solutions offers installation, renovation, compliance and repair services in air conditioning, ventilation, plumbing and heating in homes for individuals.

Its 10 employees are empowered and motivated to work responsively, in complete safety, designing, assembling and putting into service long-lasting equipment.

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DALIGAULT offers installation, renovation, repair and compliance services for electrical installations, on high and low currents, in housing, industry and tertiary buildings.

Its 45 employees are empowered and motivated to work responsively and in complete safety on existing installations or on connecting photovoltaic installations and charging stations of electric vehicles.

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The international trading (SFCC) and extraction (SACAB) of raw materials are the main and traditional activities of the Lamy Group.


The company SFCC and its subsidiaries market to industrial customers or those active in the centrifugation and recarburisation business:

  • carbon products (petroleum coke, coal coke and anthracite)
  • metals (copper shot, iron pellets, etc.)

These companies operate on both the French and European markets.

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A regional leader based in Normandy, the SACAB company extracts and markets sand, the quality of which meets the requirements of the following sectors:

  • Construction
  • Industry
  • Leisure
  • Mass distribution

SACAB has been marketing its own production since 1960, which can reach 1,300,000 tonnes per year, in the large north-western quadrant of France.

The environmental quality approach is at the heart of its activity.

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The Lamy Group entered the world of transport in 1953. Its fleet today consists of railway carriages and tank containers.


The SCRC company invests in equipment that it provides to rental companies and transport operators through managers.

Its fleet is made up of:

  • carriages designed for transporting raw materials, food products and chemicals
  • standard and gas tank containers, and swap bodies.

Its fleet is regularly renewed to ensure it is fitted with recent and innovative equipment.


MCM (Management, Control and Maintenance SA) acquires and manages, for its own account and on behalf of third parties, ISO tank containers designed for the chemical and food industry as well as for transport operators.

MCM has a diversified fleet of tank containers, gas containers and swap bodies, allowing it to meet all of its customers’ needs in terms of the international transport and logistics of dangerous and non-dangerous liquids, liquefied gases and powders (chemicals, petroleum and food products, etc.).

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Equity investments and financial support for project leaders are also part of the Group’s DNA. Whether these are minority or majority investments, the Lamy Group provides financial and operational support to contribute to the success of these activities.


Hôtel Panache, hôtel Bienvenue

In 2013, the Lamy Group had the opportunity to invest in the hotel industry with Adrien Gloaguen, founder of the Touriste Group, which operates premises by offering excellent value for money in innovatively-designed settings.

The Lamy Group first participated in the creation of the Panache hotel and then the Bienvenue hotel, both located in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, one of the capital’s liveliest.




Originally, the Group invested alongside Jean-Pierre Massicot by creating the company Advanced Track & Trace SA to develop innovative technologies and solutions for authentication, identification and traceability.

ATT is now firmly established in its markets and provides its innovative solutions to fight against counterfeiting and for unit traceability, trademark protection and document security to an ever-growing number of loyal customers.
To date, 150 patents have been filed in more than 50 countries.



In the early 2000s, the Lamy Group embarked on afforestation programmes for preserving primary forests in Brazil: planting eucalyptus on unpopulated land formerly used for farming.

The balanced management of this activity has been ensured by forestry professionals for nearly 30 years for whom sustainable development and the environment are at the heart of their concerns.