Our commitments

Our CSR policy

The Lamy Group’s corporate social responsibility policy stems from its history and corporate culture.

Responsiveness, professionalism, focus on teams, and discernment in taking risks have given the Lamy Group the tools to succeed.
Today, the CSR policy is based on three pillars:


Love for a job well done is the basic foundation for all Lamy Group employees who have the necessary autonomy to guarantee customers that the services or products they provide will be as satisfactory tomorrow as they were yesterday.
Proximity to customers facilitates continuous improvement of the offerings of the Lamy Group’s various entities.

Respect for privacy has also led to the Lamy Group’s rigorous implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Proof of our commitment and customer satisfaction: the high rate of renewal of our contracts.


The safety of everyone is the Lamy Group’s priority. The prevention policy is explained by subsidiary managers when each new employee arrives. Accidents are systematically analysed and the implementation of improvements is orchestrated by management teams.

Developing the skills of all employees is also a priority. This is why regular support for team leaders is put in place, particularly for those who are in direct contact with employees and customers, to decipher these new needs.

Listening and dialogue come naturally in a family business with 250 employees. The Lamy family is attentive to encouraging them, for example by combining the shareholder’s role with direct operational responsibilities.

Proof of our commitment to our employees: turnover is stably below 2%, the number of training hours is increasing by more than 5% per year.


Since 1830, the Lamy Group has been able to anticipate the various energy developments by adapting its business and reorienting its investments.

A few examples are proof of this

  • Construction and operation of biomass boilers
  • Valorisation of biogas cogeneration
  • Recovery of waste heat
  • Geothermal storage solution

Its regional roots are strong, whether in Normandy, the Group’s native region, or in Ile de France, where the Group’s headquarters have been located for more than 50 years. The Group maintains close relationships with all stakeholders, in particular local authorities, through its operational activities.



Righteousness in conducting business is the Lamy Group’s ethical approach, both through its managers and its company employees, whose values are:

  • Respect for the fundamentals
    (legislation, employees and the environment)
  • Business conduct
    (honesty, loyalty, and the protection of assets and data)
  • The Group’s image

It is to this ethical approach that the Lamy Group owes its longevity.